About This Prewar-Car Blog & Its Author

This privately operated website is intended specifically for prewar car enthusiasts seeking broad coverage of brands and models that were once available in the German-speaking world.

The author owns a couple of prewar vehicles as well, including a Peugeot 202 UH and a Licorne L760. He also has a vast archive of vintage photos showing prewar cars.

Visitors of this website will find here new pictures of (mostly German) prewar vehicles almost every day. Some of the cars are only sparsely documented in the existing literature.

Also covered are cars of foreign manufacturers that once were sold or even built in Germany (including territories originally belonging to Germany).

The images shown may be shot on very different occasions and include private pictures as well as press-, works- and propaganda photos. A particular focus is on the location, historic context, and the people in the photos.

Photos and documents shown on this website may be reproduced only, if the author is mentioned explicitly as the rightful owner. 

Contact details:

Address: Michael Schlenger, Postfach 1131, D-61211 Bad Nauheim, GERMANY

Email: michael.schlenger@freenet.de